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Robot Baby Monitor

£380.00 £260.00
If you have babies, elderly people or even pets to carry about, this robot baby monitor will make your life easier as you can live follow the actions of above mentioned subjects and do other work at the same time. It is also opt for recording live and sharing happiness via  twittter, weibo, facebook,  wechat, and other social medial sharing.

Smart Lock

£159.00 £140.00
Are you afraid of being robbed? Is not your door safe? Or maybe the barrio you live is full of thieves? Then we have the best solution for you! Our Smart Lock will prevent you from unpleasant situations and will make you breath in peace and calmness!

Smart TV BOX

It is worthwhile for you to own this amazing Smart TV Box and use it easily with more powerful functions of this media centre. With this Smart TV Box you will be enabled to fully enjoy the range of information on data, language, television and other services.

Wireless Charging Power Bank

The concept of power-depository and portable Wireless Charging Power Bank lies in the fact that with this item the devices come into existence. It is also very flexible to use and can charge any tablets, smartphones and other similar appliances.