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Ice Cream Maker

Please read the instruction before ordering. Step 1 Put the inner container in the freezer last 12 hours and the degree must low 18℃ Then make100g ice cream powder +300g milk and mix well. Step 2 It must turn on the machine at first then put the material. Step 3 Machine mix 10 minutes then it can make out ice cream.

Mini Hand Pressure Coffee Machine

If you are a big traveller or just a big fan of coffee then we have a big option for you to make your coffee  just the way you like it. As there are a plenty of options, it might seem difficult to choose the best portable coffee maker.This Portable Coffee Machine is operated in eight language manuals English, Japanese , French, German and Korean.

Portable Coffee Maker

Our Portable Coffee Maker is not only extremely convenient to use on the go (on the train or at the camping for example). Get your fresh and fine coffee without bothering about finding a local Starbucks. You just need to pour 80 ml of hot water and 7 g of coffee powder and enjoy the coffee taste and odour anywhere freely. This mini coffee machine will produce coffee and espresso as well, with lower bitterness or acidity.

Soda Making Machine

It's not a secret that a real beauty comes from health. Using this Soda Making Machine you will blossom and be healthy at the same time. Use this Soda Making Machine in a variety of places - tea stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, children's gardens, hotels, milk tea stores, etc.

Wifi Dishwasher

Our 4G WiFi Dishwasher is introduced to your attention with its 4 modes - fruit washing, powerful washing, standard washing and fast washing. Being a portable machine, you can move it from place to place at your best convenience and enjoy time while watching your dish or fruit being washed thoroughly!

The Best Quality Kitchen Appliances with Dibbsto

The kitchen is an essential part of the house. This is where you tend to spend most of your time as you prepare your meals. As such it is paramount that you are spot on with the kitchen appliances you purchase. At Dibbsto we offer quality products that you can’t find anywhere else.

We have a range of options to choose from, and we guarantee all our clients that we are here to fulfil their needs. You don’t have to worry about moving from store to store to find what you need. Whether its cool kitchen gadgets or cooking appliances, we’ve got you covered. Some of the products available in our store include ice cream maker, Mini Hand Pressure Coffee Machine, Wi-Fi dishwasher and a portable coffee maker.Read More…