Anet ET5 Pro 3D Printer

One filament included (Free)
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If you buy this product 30% of the profit will be donated to Eworld Kids Foundation

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The Anet ET5 Pro is a potent and robust 3D printer that is certain to catch attention. It is not only one of the best bargains when it comes to quality vs cost, but also demonstrates amazing performance, steady and flawless technique both online and off. It features a memory card slot, which is a helpful option to have! This printer can support different filaments like Nylon, Wood, ABS, PLA, etc. Having a comfortable touch screen makes this model very user-friendly despite its extensive capabilities. This Anet 3D printer can be used for industrial purposes, as well as for individual use. It can benefit the medical field and produce elements of personalised prosthetics, or be used in dental practice for creating various moulds. The Anet ET5 Pro can also serve educational purposes for high school, or University students.

Structure stability

Stainless steel structure makes this printer more durable and sturdy for use; has a T-shape lead screw. The double Z motor provides a stable and balanced structure, increasing the printing speed and precision

Operation Method

HD LCD 2004 monitor that is bright and clear with 5 buttons that can operate both in online and offline modes

Extruder Structure

Anet ET5 can guarantee a smooth, highly precise and clogging-free printing with highly reduced stair-stepping effect with sophisticated nozzle technology

Efficient work

Anet ET5 is equipped with double cooling fans, which makes the printing faster and the product quality higher



Printing size

A quite large printing volume of 300x300x400mm that is great for experimental kids’ minds

Offline printing

SD card support

Added Stability

Optional auto-leveling function


Printing speed of 150mm/s


Compatible materials include PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PP and more


Smooth product

No sharp edges, thanks to the printer structure and updated extruder nozzle

It’s all about the details

Very good performance on details and small objects


Perfect for toys, home decor, clothing, accessories, educational and architectural models, dental molds, etc



Printing Size




Area Length300

Area Width300




Box Dimensions

img 640 600 220




Box Weight


14.5 kg

Kit includes


Screwdriver x2


Plastic Nippers


Wrench x4


Open Spanner


4.5M Winding Pipe


16GB TF Card and card Reader


Power Supply



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TEDDY P.Verified Buyer2020/9/2

Great printer, the assembly time didn't take too long. I already build 3 figures and had no issues with any of them.


ALAN A.Verified Buyer2020/8/31

It’s simple to use, and I hope to use it on my hobby for a long time in the future.


JASPER G.Verified Buyer2020/8/31

I got myself this piece of tech so that I would learn all there is about 3D printing. I am glad that I did so.


ISMAIL F.Verified Buyer2020/8/28

I've never had a 3D printer before and I am quite impressed with my first one. I mostly enjoyed the prints I got from the highest quality setting. My overall experience is very positive so far.


HARIS L.Verified Buyer2020/8/28

The software is easy to use and enables you to use automatic settings depending on the quality you want. You can also use manual settings. Personally, I look for durability and repeatability in a printer. While “decent” printers are great out of the box and print well for some time then break down, a good printer maintains its print quality for years. It’s common for printers to break down after printing for many continuous hours, so that’s another factor to reflect on. These one performs well even after elongated paintings spans. It’s a very high quality printer.


CHRISTIAN J.Verified Buyer2020/8/23

It’s a fantastic printer for beginners. When I received it, I started printing in less than 10 minutes. I have printed one pre-loaded model and one from the Internet without a problem.


JACKSON C.Verified Buyer2020/8/19

Awesome 3D printer, I've been using it for months now and it is just the best.


RIO W.Verified Buyer2020/8/10

This is an amazing 3D printer that I got as a gift. Since I unpacked it, it has never disappointed me. I would highly endorse the printer to anyone who wishes to print light-weight plastic pieces.


HUGO R.Verified Buyer2020/8/9

I am happy with my 3D printer and totally recommend it to anyone who's interested.


JAXON R.Verified Buyer2020/8/8

I am just stunned by the quality of my 3D printer. My first test print was very smooth and great all around. My alter prints needed some adjustments but this machine allows for easy tuning of your prints.


JAMES S.Verified Buyer2020/8/2

My first 3D printer turned out to be awesome. No matter if you have an engineering background or are just a starter.


TEDDIE SALAZARVerified Buyer2020/7/15

I really recommend this printer to anyone who wants to get into 3D printing in any way. This one works as intended unlike my other, previously bought printer.


CRUZ PAULVerified Buyer2020/7/10

The expectations that I had were greatly exceeded. You have to have a bit of patience to figure some of the things out yourself, but if you do you are going to have a good time with a 3D printer.


KIAN G.Verified Buyer2020/7/9

Very solid printer didn't have any issues. The building process took about 2 hours and was easy to assemble. I already made 3 figures and so far I didn't have any issues.


ILYAS TOWNSENDVerified Buyer2020/7/4

This printer is gigantic. I own several other printers, but this is the least complicated and most comfortable to use. The prints are awesome and the bed seldom needs levelling. I use it every day and I’ll continue with the the trend.


EDEN B.Verified Buyer2020/7/3

Considering its fair price, the printer is superb. The only thing I find inconveniencing is the manual bed levelling. A quality printer!


DIEGO FLOWERSVerified Buyer2020/7/1

My son was the one to make of getting this 3D printer. He was very picky about the type of printer he wants, and if he settled on this one, that already means something. As soon as we got it he got to printing useful stuff.


KRISH CLARKEVerified Buyer2020/6/22

Although the print quality is not the best, considering the close of the printer, it’s superb. It’s my first 3-D printer, so I cannot compare it to any other in terms of speed; however, it takes some time. Mine has never broken down or failed me. I would endorse it to any entry level 3-D printing fanatic.


DEXTER B.Verified Buyer2020/6/14

They have very nice customer support.


KALEB FARMERVerified Buyer2020/6/10

I use the printer on my business, and so far, it hasn’t failed me at all. I am not a 3D printing expert, but the printer does magic. The best, so far!