In order to provide you with the best service and experience, Dibbsto has opted for the most customer-friendly means of delivering you the product. We cooperate with carriers that offer relatively affordable shipping price in compliance with a “high standard of shipping service”.
Currently Dibbsto is in a partnership with the following carriers that are reliable and operate fast– Royal Mail, TNT, Yodel and FedEx. We deliver our product from UK, Italy, Germany and Hong Kong and to have the product reach you as soon as possible, we ensure to ship right from the manufacturing facility.
Once the product is shipped you will be able to track the entire process through an email sent by Dibbsto. All orders are processed within one day.The delivery period of the product can range from 5 to 7 business days, however depending on specific destinations it is possible for the product to take up to 15-17 days to get to you.

If you place your order before 09:00AM Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0), Dibbsto will ensure to ship it out during the same business day. The product price covers the delivery expenses.

Important Notice:
As the product is shipped out, we will no longer have any control over the entire shipping process. Following the international standards for the delivery procedure, Dibbsto makes it possible for you to track the package through the shipping company. We will also provide you with a trace number and constantly monitor and update you in case of any changes in the delivery period of the package as well as in case of any “International Transit Issues”. If you would like to return the item, you can refrain from paying export fees. For more detailed information on regulations, please click here.