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Bluetooth Speaker and Oil Deffuser

Bluetooth Speaker and Oil spray is vibrating at 1700000 times per second, produces a particularly fine drizzle of scented oil keeping the air moisturised and making skin more comfortable.

Desk Fan

This comfortable-to-use Desk Fan is very fashionable and up-to-date on market. This flexible Fan can be hung wherever you want and due to the working calmness, you will not be bothered while studying or even sleeping by the Fan work. This Desk Fan can perform its functions also by USB interface connecting to USB devices such as power banks via USB computer.

Electric Mute Fan with Remote Controlled

This absolutely clean, comfortable and magical Electric Mute Fan with Remote Controlled is designed to be used at your home and clean the air in every single corner of your rooms. With remote control you can choose the preferred mode and switch on the Fan. There is a special mute button while your baby is sleeping.

Personal Air Conditioner

Personal Air Conditioner creates a cooling zone near you with a quiet operation. Just adding the water plug in and turn on.

Portable Air Cooler

Portable Air Cooler is extremely easy to use, you only need to plug and play. The highlighting point about this cooler is that it is not only making the air fresh and cool, but also it is soothing the ambient light with 7 different LED colours.

Remote Control Bladeless Fan

No awkward blades or grilles, easy to clean, rotating in its centre of gravity without clamping, extremely little noise... The series of positive features in our Remote Control Bladeless Fan are uncountable. The only option to test it is to buy and try!!!

Touch Control Aroma Diffuser

This Touch Control Aroma Diffuser has a wireless remote control and is antibacterial. You just need to pour the water into the diffuser, close it and turn on with screen touch. Enjoy the aromatherapy at your home!

Touchpad Remote Control Cooling Fan

Our Touchpad Remote Control Cooling Fan is created to make your day more pleasant and full of feeling of cleanness. Humidify every angle by switching on this Cooling Fan with touch sensor. It will implicitly operate without making much noise.