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Holographic Projector

This 3D Holographic Proyector will make your business blossom being a very attractive and interesting solution to install in front of your shop, inside your restaurant etc. It can change the structure and hardware system in accordance with the installation site or existing building. It can also transform the digital content due to your needs.

Portable Mini Projector

Let us represent a modern Portable Mini Projector that  can be synchronised with your home theatre. The Multi-screen Interaction enables you to simply connect mobile phones with a USB cable for you to get content from the tablet or smartphone anywhere you want.

Portable Projector HD

Only just a few years ago, the idea of having a small projector to carry with you in your bag and let alone in your pocket, was just a craving thought. But nowadays the style of projectors have changed a lot, they have come down in size, portable models have emerged letting you project your  video and data anywhere you go. Just like our Portable Projector HD. It surprisingly encompasses a wide range in brightness, size and features.