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Solar Led Lamp

Our Solar Led Lamp will create a Flickering Candle Effect. It can be easily relocated and repaired. Once being fully charged it has 6-8 hours of exposure. This Led Lamp is able to automatically switch on the lights at night and turn off at daytime.

Touch Control Aroma Diffuser

This Touch Control Aroma Diffuser has a wireless remote control and is antibacterial. You just need to pour the water into the diffuser, close it and turn on with screen touch. Enjoy the aromatherapy at your home!

Touchpad Remote Control Cooling Fan

Our Touchpad Remote Control Cooling Fan is created to make your day more pleasant and full of feeling of cleanness. Humidify every angle by switching on this Cooling Fan with touch sensor. It will implicitly operate without making much noise.

VIOMI MH1Z – A 3.5L 220V Electric Water Filters

Are you annoyed about the water quality you are drinking? Drink fresh and clean water with a VIOMI MH1Z - A 3.5L 220V Electric Water Filters that uses safe UV light sterilisation free of  side effects. Eliminating the volume of deposits, you are welcome to drink a residual chlorine and heavy metals free water, that is essential for your good health!