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Mini Hidden GPS Tracker

The main purpose of this Two-Way Communication supporting mini GPS Tracker has concentrated on children's and elderly people's safety. The mini device gives chance to multiple people (mother, father, grandfather or grandmother) to at the same time track your child and if your child is in danger, the SOS signal, one key SOS preset for help. If the preset number is unavailable, it will circularly and automatically call the other preset number of family member unless someone answers.

Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker

This extremely useful Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker is convenient to use anywhere (even under the water) for a long time once fully charged. It even has SOS Alarm and Power Saving Mode. Along with other main features one can find Google map to mobile, Geofence and motion alerts.

Pet GPS Locator

This Pet GPS Locator can be used outdoors to track your pet real time. It's suitable for your dog and cat and can be used anywhere even under the water. You should just make sure that the GSM SIM card supports message sending, call registration and GPRS network.