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1000X USB Digital Microscope

£85.00 £70.00
Our high-quality 1000X USB Digital Microscope can be a very useful item for the use of many people of different professions. Having the ability to provide a high resolution and clear image it can make the smaller objects to larger ones. This Digital Microscope is opt for photo and video shooting as well and is the best choice for recognising small objects.

360 Camera

This professional 360 Camera will provide you a panoramic view making all the stuff enjoy the heartbreaking  pictures.

360 Degree Panorama Wireless 1080P Smart IP Camera

360 Degree Panorama Wireless 1080P Smart IP Camera with its HD-camera is providing a 100% security and 360 Degree Resolution Panoramic view to secure your home or office completely for any kind of danger.

Alarm System

Safety is one of the most important things in our life. Taking this into account we are offering you a very high-tech Alarm System which will prevent you from scare of thieves and dangers.

HD720P 8mm WI-FI Endoscope

This absolutely new and high-quality HD720P 8mm WI-FI Endoscope provides the a WiFi wireless connection everywhere being a portable and light weight device.

Robot Baby Monitor

£380.00 £260.00
If you have babies, elderly people or even pets to carry about, this robot baby monitor will make your life easier as you can live follow the actions of above mentioned subjects and do other work at the same time. It is also opt for recording live and sharing happiness via  twittter, weibo, facebook,  wechat, and other social medial sharing.


This man-like robot is completely a new breath in robot-building industry. It has a great various functions you should know about. Being followed by the movements of your fingers, you can lead your robot accompany you during all the daily activities.

Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Smart Fingerprint Padlock gives you the possibility to add up to 16 fingerprint groups to the lock sharing access via the scanned QR code or directly add an account.

Smartphone Video Rig

£230.00 £215.00
This package of Smartphone Video Rig  will become the best item for video lovers. This updated version of video cell is a complex package of a wide-angle macro lens, an aluminium alloy video cage and a professional microphone for a shotgun. Do stabler shots, with wider and larger view and a clearer sound effect.