MINGDA MD16 3D Printer



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If you buy this product 30% of the profit will be donated to Eworld Kids Foundation

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MINGDA MD16 will leave no one cold with its eye-catching design, bright coloured frame and easy-to-use interface. Having a rather compact printing size of 160-160-160 mm, this 3D printer is the perfect learning tool for children and young adults to find out more about the physics, chemistry and engineering principles behind 3D printing. Despite the full metal frame, this device is quite portable and convenient to handle. It can be used to make various toys and miniatures, as well as small household items and other necessities. MINGDA MD16 3D printer uses an array of filaments, including PLA, ABS, ALA, HIPS, etc. It is compatible with all major operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux for your convenience.

Structure stability

The frame of Photon S is made of Aluminium Alloy and the innovative steel bar provides easy and accurate leveling


Dual Z-axis linear guide enhances the Z-axis’ stability and contributes to better and more detailed printing quality

High-quality printing

The upgraded UV module adopts matrix UV lighting for uniform energy distribution and the 2560*1440 high-resolution screen contribute to improve printing precision, reduce exposure and overall print time

Air Filtration

The upgraded air filtration system uses dual-fan ventilation and activated carbon for filtration to ensure there is no unpleasant smell



Printing size

Photon S supports the printing volume of 115*65*165mm

Highly accurate

The built-in, self-developed Slicer Software is easy and quick to use

Easy to use

New UI makes this printer very simple to control


Printing speed of 20mm/h

Quite printing

New design effectively reduces the noise


Smooth product

Great printing quality

It’s all about the details

Very precise and detailed printing


Perfect for the dental industry, architectural designs, industrial products, prototypes and so on



Printing Size




Area Length115

Area Width65




Box Dimensions

img 230 200 400




Box Weight



Kit includes


Print Platform x1


Resin vat x1


Memory Stick x1


250g Resin x1


Mask x1


Gloves 3 pair


Funnel x10


User Manual x1


Extra FEP film x1


Scraper x1


Power Adaptor x1


Power Cord x1


Extra M3x5

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Reviews (47) Write a Review


Finlay S.Verified Buyer2020/8/31

This printers is a great printer for beginners and medium-level enthusiasts, and recommend it to anyone interested in the field.


CIAN N.Verified Buyer2020/8/26

This printer is fun to use. Learning to use it has not been easy, but I finally made it. The micro-SD slot had an issue, but the support team quickly sent the parts needed to fix it. They were very responsive and supportive — many thanks. Purchase one and have fun too!


SAM S.Verified Buyer2020/8/23

Believe me when I say that this printer is fantastic. It is super easy to assemble, with numerous online videos to assist you if need be. The quality of its prints beats those of a$2500 MakerBot Replicator+. Well worthwhile as it will not let you down!


TATE MANNINGVerified Buyer2020/8/22

Great price for this printer.


JOEL W.Verified Buyer2020/8/18

So far, the printer has been fantastic. I have printed 3 items so far. The prints look great. I have upgraded the printer with some clips and an adjustment knob. I plan to buy an auto leveller next.


SIDNEY G.Verified Buyer2020/8/16

I am in love with this 3D printer – my first printer ever. I assembled it fully in 3 hours and printed beautiful prints after levelling the bed. I strongly recommend it.


Finley H.Verified Buyer2020/8/12

I've owned a few printers before, but by far, this is the most awesome one. It is easy to set up and has many cool features.


AARAV M.Verified Buyer2020/7/29

Amazing customer service and an amazing printer, I got my first print right after I was done with the setup. The experience with this thing was amazing.


MAXWELL T.Verified Buyer2020/7/25

I love this printer, I'm just sad that I can't print a girlfriend on this thing.


HUDSON C.Verified Buyer2020/7/19

This is my first 3D printer. It arrived in time in an excellent package. The instructions on how to assemble it were clear, so I assembled it easily. I am not an expert, but with the clear instructions, I was able to print in no time.


Robert C.Verified Buyer2020/7/18

This printer has a superb frame, which is super rigid and the heatbed is amazing. Forget about the hairspray and glue and all that other life hacks. Plus the setup is simple enough and takes only around half an hour to get done


EMMANUEL R.Verified Buyer2020/7/12

We bought the printer to create 3D models in our architecture office. The first 3D printer with which we’re very happy. Compared to others, it is reasonably quiet and easy to assemble and handle. The quality of the prints is amazing and it’s inexpensive. I would strongly recommend it!


DANIEL L.Verified Buyer2020/7/10

I am a first time 3D printer buyer, and I think this is fantastic. I took about 2 hours to assemble it while following instructions.


REUBEN S.Verified Buyer2020/7/9

I purchased the printer on impulse after reading the reviews. I assembled it easily and printed the test print. For the past few weeks, it has been working almost non-stop. It has failed severally due to my poor scaling. I am considering buying two more units.


ROMEO CROSSVerified Buyer2020/7/5

The printer was delivered quickly in a nice package. Assembling it was easy. Initially, the filament could not stick to the bed, but the customer service team helped me quickly. Both the product and the customer service are outstanding.


Finley C.Verified Buyer2020/6/26

If you haven't tried this one yet, I highly recommend it. Assembly is easy. Delivery is quick and the price speaks for itself


JACE YATESVerified Buyer2020/6/24

They delivered it in a fantastic package. Easy to assemble – just follow the instructions. It has worked beyond my expectations.


MAXIMUS B.Verified Buyer2020/6/23

The print quality has surpassed my expectations, and customer service is outstanding. I had a small issue — the build plate was a bit bent. However, I contacted the customer service, and they delivered another one. Phenomenon customer care!


LAWRENCE POTTERVerified Buyer2020/6/19

Super fast shipping and a great price. Thank you


Charlotte H.Verified Buyer2020/6/18

The company was very helpful and gave me lots of helpful info on how to troubleshoot different problems and get better results.


KAYDEN B.Verified Buyer2020/6/18

It took me an hour to build and set up this thing and I'm just a newbie. This thing is well worth the price.


ASHER G.Verified Buyer2020/6/16

Hubby loves this printer. It requires a little effort to set up, but he can assemble it and adjust the settings alone. I would recommend it.


REMY BALDWINVerified Buyer2020/6/12

The only issue I have with the printer is that the surface doesn’t stick. Even when I adjust the level bed and the temperature, the base doesn’t stick. Otherwise, it is a quality product at a good price.


Jonathan F.Verified Buyer2020/6/12

This wonderful device comes almost fully assembled, so it took me 15 min tops to finish the whole thing. It has a glass heatbed, so you have to let it cool, and then the prints pop right off without hassle and it's easy to clean afterward. The customer support deserves a separate round of applause. They were immensely helpful through both calls and emails and offered my many ways to solve the problems I've been having. Definitely recommend it!


AHMED A.Verified Buyer2020/6/11

I purchased my second 3D printer, which turned out to be the best. I assembled it in an afternoon and realised that one part was bent. When I contacted customer support, they replied promptly and followed up until the issue was resolved. Soon after, it was up and running, with high-quality prints.


MAX Y.Verified Buyer2020/6/10

I bought this printer a fortnight ago. I have contacted the support staff, who have sent various replacement parts. The printer is now working. Although I wish they were a bit faster, they were supportive and delivered anything I wanted.


AAHIL MORANVerified Buyer2020/6/9

At this point, I have 3 printers. I use this one when I want to print something of very high quality.


LORENZO H.Verified Buyer2020/6/6

I bought my first 3D printer. Using the instructions on the SD card, I assembled it in an hour. The prints are of high quality and its relatively quiet. A fantastic printer!