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Mingda D3 Pro 3D printer will surprise any 3D printing enthusiast with its precision and high-quality results. It is compatible with all the range of FDM available filaments, such as PLA, ABS, Carbon fibre, Copper, TPU, etc. This robust printer can be a valuable asset for both industrial manufacturing, and for individual use. Having the impressive printing volume of 320-320-400mm, it can create all kinds of household items, from original vases to bicycle handgrips, as well as various toys, decor elements, some car parts, etc. This outstanding printer will provide flawless work with every print, ensuring clean corners and edges and extra smooth surfaces. The Mingda D3 Pro educational 3D printer can function both online and off, giving you the option to use either the SD card slot or the USB port.

Automatic levelling

This is a huge advantage, as manual levelling isn’t always successful, especially for beginners and takes a lot of time and serious skill to accomplish. Automatic levelling ensures higher accuracy and cleaner results.

3.5-inch colour touch screen

The large, full-colour touch screen makes this 3D printer very user-friendly and easy to operate.

Proximal extruder

The quality-built extruder on this device ensures accurate back pumping, improving the overall experience and achieving higher precision.

Filament sensor

The printer will let you know if the filament has run out or the flow is interrupted for some reason, and will immediately stop printing.

Break-resume technology

In case the 3D printer is disconnected from the energy source, the process is not doomed to start over once it gets the power back. The Mingda D3 Pro will just continue from the last point and save time, and filament.

Soft Magnetic sticker

This sticker goes on the heatbed and makes sure it’s easy to remove the model after the printing is complete.



Build Volume: 320*320*400

Slicing Software: Cura, Repetier - Host, Simplify3D

Printing speed: 20 - 60 mm/h

Printing material: PLA, ABS, Wood, etc.

Printing technology: FDM

Printing accuracy: 0.1 mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm


Smooth product

Great printing quality

It’s all about the details

Very precise and detailed printing


Perfect for the dental industry, architectural designs, industrial products, prototypes and so on



Printing Size




Area Length115

Area Width65




Box Dimensions

img 230 200 400




Box Weight



Kit includes


Print Platform x1


Resin vat x1


Memory Stick x1


250g Resin x1


Mask x1


Gloves 3 pair


Funnel x10


User Manual x1


Extra FEP film x1


Scraper x1


Power Adaptor x1


Power Cord x1


Extra M3x5

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MARSHALL H.Verified Buyer2020/12/25

My first 3D printer and I love it! It was effortless to assemble, but it could be a bit challenging for someone younger. The program is easy to use, and the prints are fantastic.


ANDRE COLLIERVerified Buyer2020/12/22

The printer is awesome. When the cooling fans started making noise after two weeks of use, they delivered new ones in no time. I am delighted with customer support. I strongly recommend them.


LUIS HARMONVerified Buyer2020/12/14

I am changing the way I perceive this printer. Although the instructions are somehow complicated, the printer is fantastic. I shipped the first delivery because the power supply was dead, but I was assisted promptly. In 24 hours, they delivered another printer that runs smoothly.


NICO C.Verified Buyer2020/12/14

My son wanted to make good use of his leisure time. Since he’s bipolar, I do my best to keep him occupied. He assembled the printer the same day it came effortlessly. He has printed various items so far. It was a worthy investment. I am considering buying him a bigger one soon. YouTube videos were very helpful. The printer is user-friendly and easy to assemble.


WOODY GILLVerified Buyer2020/12/8

I have used this printer to print 50 items in under 2 months. It is easy to handle, reliable and incomparable. It is my first 3D printer but I managed to use it. I strongly recommend it.


FILIP B.Verified Buyer2020/11/29

It’s a quality printer whose prints are FANTASTIC. It’s worth every penny. It requires effort to assemble but there are plenty of onlibe videos on that. I STRONGLY recommend this printer.


HENRI WILKINSVerified Buyer2020/11/28

I have upgraded the printer several times since I bought it. It is a fantastic and affordable product.


OTIS J.Verified Buyer2020/11/15

The package was easy to assemble, and my son is delighted. He will print plenty of items with it!


ADRIAN H.Verified Buyer2020/11/12

Delivery was quick, and the printer was excellent for the price. I have bought several units, and I would buy even more. I would recommend this to anyone willing to venture into 3D printing.


DILLON BRYANVerified Buyer2020/11/9

I found both the software and the printer straightforward to configure and use. The quality of its prints is high. All in all, it’s a great printer.


HARRISON L.Verified Buyer2020/11/4

The instructions are easy to follow and the printer is easy to assemble.


FINLEY A.Verified Buyer2020/11/3

A fantastic printer. It is super accurate, especially considering the price. You can also upgrade various parts to improve the quality of the prints. In case of any issues/qiestions, the support teeam will help you promptly.


CLAYTON PITTSVerified Buyer2020/10/21

The printer is an excellent value for money. However, you have to be patient and have the will to learn how it works to get quality prints.


MARK B.Verified Buyer2020/10/18

It is a great printer considering the price. I dedicated some time to assemble, calibrate and test it. Be ready to do so. All in all, I love it!


AADAM C.Verified Buyer2020/10/17

The printer was fairly easy to put together and worked well afterwards. The instructions were clear, and every part well labelled. The prints are of excellent quality.


LEO H.Verified Buyer2020/10/15

With the price in mind, The prints are fantastic. You have to put in some effort to fine-tune it. I had some problems with it, but the support staff assisted me and informed me not to hesitate to contact them in case of any issue. The price is amazing. I would recommend it to any 3D printing enthusiast. Just know that in case you have problems, you will get immediate help.


REGGIE S.Verified Buyer2020/10/13

I am inexperienced in 3D printing and am not a tech guru. I purchased the printer to play with during leisure. Since I followed the given instructions, setting it was a smooth ride. Having printed several models, am delighted the print quality. I just a brand because I’ve used their products and found them reliable. It’s the best for starters.


NOEL STRICKLANDVerified Buyer2020/10/10

The package was great and easy to assemble. I recommend it strongly. The bed was bent, but after contacting the customer support, they fixed it. I am a happy customer.


BUDDY M.Verified Buyer2020/10/9

My kids other in love with the printer.