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This model is ideal for high-precision printing and provides stable quality with a variety of different filaments, such as PLA, ABS, Wood, Nylon, etc. The Mingda D2 3D printer has a printing volume of 230-230-260mm, which is ideal for educational purposes as well as individual use. The set up requires only a few adjustments, and the best professional 3D printer will be ready to bring all ideas to life. These 3D printer models have a metal body, which provides stability, ensures their accuracy, and gives the opportunity to print intricate objects at home. The Mingda D2 3D printer can easily make household items, medical models, miniatures, decor elements, etc. Besides, this model features a high-quality copper nozzle, which superbly controls the material flow and eliminates the possibility of accidental spill or overflow.

Easy installation

Despite the seemingly tricky construction, this model is fairly easy to assemble and operate. This is a great advantage while working in the classroom.

Colour touch screen

Mingda D2 features a high-quality HD Color Touch screen that makes the device easier and definitely more fun to operate.

Filament detection

This wonderful feature will come in handy in case the material has a flow brake at any point or simply ran out. The device will give out a warning and stop, thus eliminating the possibility of damage to the model itself and saving time in the process.

Resume printing function

This function provides a great advantage in emergencies when the power supply is faulty for any reason. The model will not be damaged, and there will be no need to start over. The device can simply pick up where it left off and continue from the last functioning point.

Printing precision

The proximal extruder is explicitly constructed to ensure back pumping accuracy, which gives this model the precision it needs for high-quality printing.

SD card slot and USB

By having both these options at hand, this 3D printer allows the user to work offline and store all the necessary files in a comfortable and accessible way.



Build Volume: 230*230*260

Slicing Software: Cura, Repetier - Host, Simplify3D

Printing speed: 20 - 60 mm/h

Printing material: PLA, ABS, Wood, etc.

Printing technology: FDM

Printing accuracy: 0.1 mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm


Smooth product

Great printing quality

It’s all about the details

Very precise and detailed printing


Perfect for the dental industry, architectural designs, industrial products, prototypes and so on



Printing Size




Area Length115

Area Width65




Box Dimensions

img 230 200 400




Box Weight



Kit includes


Print Platform x1


Resin vat x1


Memory Stick x1


250g Resin x1


Mask x1


Gloves 3 pair


Funnel x10


User Manual x1


Extra FEP film x1


Scraper x1


Power Adaptor x1


Power Cord x1


Extra M3x5

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COBY B.Verified Buyer2020/12/31

I bought this printer for my son when a friend recommended it to me. After assembling it, we printed the same day. It works smoothly now, but I’d suggest you learn how to fine-tune the settings online.


LOKI LUNAVerified Buyer2020/12/27

This is my frist 3D printer. Assembling it took some time but after that, the printer was up and running. The test print was fantastic.


HARRY W.Verified Buyer2020/12/27

Great value for money. I am a designer and I have made my own printer, and I have wasted time and resources on poor quality printers. This one is a high-quality printer. I am considering buying several additional units.


DEAN GREERVerified Buyer2020/12/27

This is my first 3D printer. I effortlessly set it up yet I was a newbie.


TRAVIS J.Verified Buyer2020/12/20

This is a fantastic small workhorse. Expect to take some time fine-tuning it. Assembly takes about an hour for a non-tech person. In case of any issue, the support staff will be ready to assist you. It is easy to upgrade and the quality of the prints are top-notch.


EVAN F.Verified Buyer2020/12/20

This printer is excellent! The quality of the prints is comparable to that of Prusa for a fraction of the price. It prints flexible filaments really well, and the bed heats up easily. I love it. This is a quality product at a fair price. Way to go!


DECLAN D.Verified Buyer2020/12/16

An excellent printer for the price. whenever I print an item that has overlap, I have problem. Otherwise, it does a perfect job.


RHYS M.Verified Buyer2020/12/14

The power supply unit came in faulty (probably damaged when shipping). I’m very eager to use the printer.


ERNEST P.Verified Buyer2020/11/27

When we got the printer to run, it was fantastic. The first shipment had a broken power supply, but we contacted the support staff, and they replaced it. We’re delighted with them for that.


ETHAN G.Verified Buyer2020/11/23

The quality of the prints is mind-blowing. I am not an expert and this is my first printer, but I managed to assemble it using the clear instructions given. Before buying it, I did a lot of online research. I can attest that the prints are high quality, better than those from those expensive brands.


ALBERT W.Verified Buyer2020/11/18

In the past several years, I have owned several 3D printers. The first was a Monoprice Select Mini v2 followed by a very frustrating Prusa i3 clone (it had many restrictions). When I bought this one, I was impressed with its use of use and the fact that it works tirelessly. I upgraded it with a glass bed and intend to get stronger stock bed springs for better performance. Customer support is on top; they assisted me promptly when I had an issue with the cables. If you’re a newbie, set up some time to fine-tune the settings; do not rush. The results will be impressive. All in all, I would highly recommend it!


VINCENT H.Verified Buyer2020/11/6

If you’re new to 3D printing, I would strongly recommend this printer. I am delighted with it.


JUDE R.Verified Buyer2020/10/28

Ease of assembly; would readily recommend it! I am studying engineering and the printer has a great design. You woulsdnt believe how easy it is to use it.


SCHNEIDERVerified Buyer2020/10/27

Ease of assembly and use. However, it should be made to turn off automatically when the printing is over.


AUSTIN F.Verified Buyer2020/10/26

At first, objects would not stick. However, the support staff were very helpful and told me that some glue is applied to the hot plate. It worked perfectly after that!


MUSA H.Verified Buyer2020/10/25

Since I play TableTop games a lot, I needed an inexpensive printer to print minis and terrain. The quality of its prints is superb. I strongly recommend this printer!


HECTOR N.Verified Buyer2020/10/22

A superb printer for the price. It is outright better than a Duplicator i3 PLUS. I suggest that you watch online videos on how to set it up and fine-tune the wheels.


ROWAN O.Verified Buyer2020/10/21

This is my first 3D printer. It works perfectly and requires very little set up. I strongly recommend it!


IGOR TRANVerified Buyer2020/10/13

I got the printer as a birthday present and its impressive. I am now addicted to printing in 3D. I would even buy two more units. Since it takes time to print big and complicated items, I would get several running at once.


MIKOLAJ MCGEEVerified Buyer2020/10/3

I purchased the printer for my day. After watching an online video on how to assemble it, we did it in less than an hour. An excellent product at a fair price!