Geeetech A30M 3D Printer

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The Geeetech A30M 3D printer ensures smooth textures and clean edges with different filaments like PLA, ABS, HIPS, PVA, etc. The extruder is intended for 2 different coloured filaments, which will bring some variety into the printing experience and make it more fun. This 3D printer has a large printing size of 320-320-420mm, which will fit great at any office, home, or educational environment. It can be used to make decor elements, toys, household items, even certain plastic car parts, if necessary. Thanks to its precision, this 3D printer is able to create highly-detailed models with smooth surfaces and stable structure. As the set up is quite easy, even children will be able to contribute to the process and learn more about the science and engineering behind 3D printing. This device can also be used offline if that option is more convenient, using either the USB port or the SD card slot.

Structure stability

The rigid and sturdy frame, made of durable aluminium and dual rods on Y and Z axis contributes to great stability during printing. The automatic leveling of the heatbed contributes to the printing quality

Extruder Structure

Bowden extruder makes sure that the extruder head moves smoothly, accurately and with greater speed. Plus, this design makes it simple to reload filament and reduces blockage

High Precision

The printing process is made smoother and more stable, achieving higher precision of 0.05mm at a great speed of 80-110mm/s

Operation Method

3.2″ full-color touch screen together with a TF card the printer can run independently from the computer. Open Source control board and ability to connect to wifi (optional) makes the operation of this 3D printer just a joy. Plus, you can download the app and your 3D printer gets a remote control. With self-developed EasyPrint 3D Software allows you to upgrade your firmware and new updates are just a click away


The adhesion is greatly enhanced by the silicon carbide glass with a microporous coating used as a printing platform, providing uniform heating making it easy to pick up the printed objects



Printing size

A huge printing volume of 320*320*420mm

Easy to assemble

The 3D printer comes almost fully assembled, all you need to do is fix a couple of screws


Printing speed of 80-110mm/s


Compatible materials include Wood-polymer, Nylon, ABS, PLA, etc


Smooth product

Great printing quality

It’s all about the details

Very good performance on details and small objects


Perfect for the dental industry, architectural designs, industrial products, prototypes, educational models, theory testing and so on



Printing Size




Area Length320

Area Width320




Box Dimensions

img 670 560 300




Box Weight


14.6 kg

Kit includes


Gantry Frame


Z axis Stator Kit


Bottom Frame Parts


Filament Spool Kit


Control Box


Tool Kit


Screw Package




TF Card


A-B USB Cord


Starter Filament


Mouse Pad

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HARRIS L.Verified Buyer2020/10/2

Hubby assembled the printer for me, which took him two hours. I had a difficult time learning everything but now that I understand, I find it cool.


ANAS SCHWARTZVerified Buyer2020/9/29

If you doubt your ability to work with the printer, there is plenty of resources both online and offline. I would recommend a YouTube channel called "Tomb of 3D Printed Horrors."


SCOTT COBBVerified Buyer2020/9/23

I’d strongly vouch for this printer to people who are experienced in 3D printing. It’s inexpensive but has high quality prints.


JENSON E.Verified Buyer2020/9/7

I love its capability and the print detail. It’s an entry level printer with high quality prints.


CALVIN DOYLEVerified Buyer2020/9/7

Unlike the out-of-the-box printers, you have to put in work and take your time to assemble it and fine tune it. You will not get perfect prints out of it but you’ll get prints as good as those from other printers (if not better) for a cheaper cost. Newbies have a lot to learn regarding setting it correctly and slicing 3D prints. Just like any other tool, you have to learn how to use it. Otherwise, it will not make items for you magically.


MARTIN F.Verified Buyer2020/9/7

I am delighted with my first 3D printer purchase. It was straightforward to assemble. Soon after leveling the print bed, I proceeded to try my first print. Although it was a failure, it was a learning experience. I had to learn how to slice a model and with that done, I can now print anything without trouble.


RAYYAN M.Verified Buyer2020/9/4

What attracted me to the printer is the price. It’s a very competitive price considering the printer’s capabilities.


KYRON JEFFERSONVerified Buyer2020/9/3

I use the standard print setting and I couldn’t be happier. Any error I have had so far was a result of my mistakes or using poor quality filament.


THOMAS M.Verified Buyer2020/8/30

I am delighted with this printer's high quality prints, although it needs a level of technical expertise. I’m just getting started in 3D printing and in my first days, I had plenty of fails. There are a lot of resources online the two can learn from.


JAX B.Verified Buyer2020/8/23

I am impressed with this printer. I have had other printers but this one overshadows them all. It’s well packaged and easy to put together. It give me the smoothest print of my life so far, so I love it. Also, it makes less noise when most other models.


RUPERT G.Verified Buyer2020/8/23

I have used this printer for a few weeks now and I’m a happy customer. It’s an excellent entry level printer that’s easy to assemble.


LUKE B.Verified Buyer2020/8/18

The quality of the prints is equivalent or even better than high-end printers that cost thousands of dollars. They provide tools and easy to understand instructions on how to assemble the printer. I am more than delighted with my first purchase. Out there on the Internet, there is a bee community where you can get help on how to troubleshoot and modify the printer.


AHMAD M.Verified Buyer2020/8/17

I have used this printer for 3 days and am delighted with everything. I have already built a few items, some new and some that I previously did with another printer. It’s fast with high quality prints. It has surpassed my expectations.


ROCCO D.Verified Buyer2020/8/16

This is my first review ever. I am new to 3D printing, and the experience has been amazing.


SOLOMON H.Verified Buyer2020/8/15

This is my second 3D printer for six years. I love how easy it is to assemble and use, and its print quality is better than that of my previous printer.


CASSIUS ROBERSONVerified Buyer2020/8/12

The printer is cool to work with. I use it both for work purposes and for leisure.


ANTHONY S.Verified Buyer2020/8/2

This is my first 3D printer and I find it awesome.


ERIC R.Verified Buyer2020/7/22

It's worth every dollar and so fun that it’s almost addictive.


RAYAN R.Verified Buyer2020/7/20

I use the printer for my hobby. I wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on a printer meant for learning. I ordered a different brand that came from the assembled. It gave me an excellent learning experience, but the quality was poor and the print sizes quite small. After some research, I decided to get the this. I’m glad I chose this printer.


BENTLEY W.Verified Buyer2020/7/8

The printer was easy to assemble. I suggest that you watch videos on YouTube rather than follow the included instructions. Follow the video to the letter, tightening every screw as directed. After that, ensure you level the bed correctly—remember that for you to get quality prints, you have to level the bed 100%.