DISWAY LD-001 3D Printer

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LD-001 by DISWAY is a smart, convenient and incredibly precise DLP 3D printer perfect for manufacturers and professional use, especially for making jewelry and dental molds. It has a printing volume of 120*70*120mm, an amazing high precision, with a max layer thickness of 0.005 mm by using UV sensitive resin. This 3D printer is truly hassle-free with an ability to connect to WiFi as well as a built-in operating system for USB offline use and its 3D Creator Slicer Software, to deliver the best printing quality and experience. Compact and creative design makes this printer easy to store and it can be used anywhere, even right there in your office.

Stable Structure

The automatic leveling makes the structure more stable and the printing quality better


The innovative feed through makes the daily adjustment and refuels more easy and convenient, saving you time and money

High-quality printing

The 3.5-inch touch screen supports real-time preview plus is more intuitive to deliver the best quality with the printing precision of up to 0.005 mm



Printing size

Printing volume of 120*70*120mm

Quick Slice

3D Creator Slicer allows up to 5 times faster rapid slicing

Easy to use

Rapid 2K LCD screen change


Printing speed of 20mm/hour

Ultra high precision

Printing accuracy of up to 0.005 mm



Very precise and detailed printing


Perfect for the dental industry, architectural designs, industrial products, prototypes and so on



Printing Size




Area Length120

Area Width70




Box Dimensions

img 220 240 360




Box Weight



Kit includes




Metal blade


Plastic Blade


Paint Brush


Screwdriver x5


Power Supply


Photosensiti VE Resin


Mask x2


Paper Funnel x4


Glove x2


Release Film

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Reviews (34) Write a Review


BERTIE V.Verified Buyer2020/7/2

I received my package in time and had a clear user manual.


ERNIE UNDERWOODVerified Buyer2020/6/20

The products I have bought are of good quality. The staff are very responsive to online chats, and they clarify everything.


KEVIN O.Verified Buyer2020/6/18

My favourite 3D printer supplier. Fantastic products, remarkable customer service, and quick delivery.


FARHAN DORSEYVerified Buyer2020/6/17

I got the Disway printer because I wanted to print more finely detailed and complex models that can't be done with a traditional FDM printer. I got really frustrated by breaking my mini models when I was removing their small support beams, but with the tools and the materials of this printer, I don't have that issue anymore. This is my first resin setup, I don't know that much about other similar printers, but I do know that with this one you get several very useful features. Some cool things that this printer has are its touch screen which is very easy to navigate. Its ability to print from a flash drive without needing to connect an ethernet cable to it. And lastly, it's compatible with the SLC format, which helped me with my modeling a lot. I've gotten many good models out of this but there was a bit of a learning curve. Similarly to the FDM printing, there are some intricacies that you need to know about this machine and the printing process before you can properly print models on it. Take some time to read up and learn those little things so that you can have your cool models printed right.


RONAN JOSEPHVerified Buyer2020/6/13

The staff are really helpful. They explained about the printers to me and helped me to make a decision. Dibbsto is my first port of call for all 3D-printing needs.


YASIN WILKERSONVerified Buyer2020/6/8

I am currently using my 5th printer, and it’s the best thus far. The printer is outstanding, and the staff are quick to respond and helpful. I had an issue with my printer, but they helped me to sort it out. I would highly recommend them.


TOBIAS W.Verified Buyer2020/6/6

The staff are attentive to details and are really supportive in every step of the purchase. They even show me sample when I ask so.


ERIK GUERREROVerified Buyer2020/6/3

I am a repeat customer who is always pleased with their services and products. I have never had a complaint. Thank you.


RUBEN N.Verified Buyer2020/5/31

I receive every order I place promptly. Their products are fantastic.


GEORGE J.Verified Buyer2020/5/27

The delivery was super quick. The 3D printer is superb and is reasonably priced. Whenever I run into problems, they respond quickly to sort it out.


ANDREAS HESSVerified Buyer2020/5/26

I was a bit hesitant at first to get the Disway LD printer due to its cost and the mess it might make. I have managed to break down another printer before, and I thought the same would also happen to this one. The assembly went quite easily for me, didn't have much trouble there. The resin can get a bit smelly sometimes though, but the enclosure does a great job of keeping it contained. It's in my office and no one from my family had noticed any unusual smells. It has an offline printing system, you can just use your flash drive to print stuff. This is a great value for the money however, as the end prints turn out looking really clean.


FRANKY DURANVerified Buyer2020/5/19

My printer has been up and running for three months now and I have put over 3L of resin through it without a hitch. My touch screen got a bit worn out I used this thing so much :D The slicer is also top-notch, very easy to learn and you can find lots of information online! Anyone can use this thing, even kids could. I love that it came with the gloves and the tools to properly remove and polish the print. Always be careful and don't forget to use those. Thank you for such a great tool! Keep up the great work! Will definitely recommend to anyone looking for an easy to use and great quality printer! You guys ROCK!


DEACON MCCARTHYVerified Buyer2020/5/13

Quick delivery of quality products at an amazing price. Would highly recommend.


LAWSON SHERMANVerified Buyer2020/5/8

A superb website and printers. However, of late, most of their products are out of stock, probably because they’re well known.


GEORGIE BULLOCKVerified Buyer2020/5/5

What a remarkable machine! For the offered price, OMG if I had to buy another one I would definitely do so. I'm still kinda new to printing and oh boy, am I glad that I got this printer. Since I'm not much for writing long reviews I just compiled some of the good and bad things that you get from this printer. Pros. 1 The cost is relatively low 2 Setup is very easy 3 smooth and clear prints 4 user-friendly software 5 takes up very little space Cons 1 gets kind of smelly but is not too bad 2 wish the building volume was a bit bigger


SANTIAGO GIBBSVerified Buyer2020/5/4

The transaction was smooth and they delifered really fast. My favourite 3D printing shop.


ISA G.Verified Buyer2020/5/4

I still haven’t dealt with the customer support yet, so I cannot comment about it. However, the products and delivery time are exceptional. I have bought two items from them (a 3D printer and a couple of filaments). I’m impressed!


LEONARD P.Verified Buyer2020/5/3

Fantastic customer support and quick delivery. If you keep up, you have me for life.


THEODORE P.Verified Buyer2020/4/26

Dibbsto has always been my supplier of choice. They have never delivered late, their service on top, and they have quality products


HAROON ROBLESVerified Buyer2020/4/26

The end results of this printer are very detailed. At first, I got into a couple of issues when I was trying to print complex items, due to a proper model scaling error. But after some trial on error, I learned how to properly scale my models and everything was smooth sailing after that. I've been using a regular FDM printer before and upgrading to this was a great decision since the difference is massive. The printing process can get a bit messier at times, but if you clean up after yourself regularly, you won't have many issues with that. Be sure to use the protective gear and a well-ventilated place to work, and expect to have messes to clean up after every print job. A small piece of advice, the printing speed depends on the height of your prints, and not on the complexity volume. This is due to the printers slicing software and the independent research and development system. Overall, the best thing for me is that the whole process isn't complicated at all!


TED D.Verified Buyer2020/4/23

I’m impressed with the company. I placed an order one evening, and they delivered a well-packaged printer in less than 24 hours. I will definitely be back for more. Many thanks!


JOHNNY POOLEVerified Buyer2020/4/20

Dibbsto delivered the printer almost instantly, and their prices are fair. I usually recommend them to colleagues and friends.


ZANE NUNEZVerified Buyer2020/4/19

It is easy to order from their website. The customer service team is responsive and supportive.


JAYCE BEARDVerified Buyer2020/4/18

I have some issues with the printing software and some of the cutting calculations, and as much as I'm concerned, it's all because I am running a mac and my software is a bit outdated compared to the latest releases for the pcs.


STEPHEN AGUILARVerified Buyer2020/4/17

They delivered quickly to the UK. The website layout and the wide variety of their products make an incoparable shopping experience.


LOUIS W.Verified Buyer2020/4/12

Superb packaging and record delivery time. I have no complaints so far.


SALMAN HUTCHINSONVerified Buyer2020/4/6

This is an amazing printer. I have been using these types of filament fusing printers for a good while now. I got my first one a while back when the resin printers were just starting to enter the market. I grew to love that printer and I started supporting a couple of Kickstarter projects one of which was for a resin printer and that also came to me. I'm using my printers for printing jewelry models, which is why I have two of these printers at this point. But I got the Disway LD-001 for its feed through mechanism and simple printing principle. The printer came to me already assembled and some of my prints are completed under just an hour with great precision. Since this is my second resin printer, I already knew what to expect, but I'm still very happy that the Disway did not disappoint.