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The Anet N4 is an incredible SLA educational 3D printer that’s perfect for manufacturers and professional use. It uses 405 nm photosensitive resin filament and reaches unbelievable results in detailing and accuracy. The 3.5-inch touch screen provides a real-time status report on the printing process, which makes it more comfortable to use and regulate. This fantastic printer is compact but powerful. Considering the fact that SLA printers use a pool of liquid resin, this type of printing is more advised for professional use rather than for a home environment so that it will fit in perfectly in an office. This printer is perfect for creating jewellery designs, dental moulds, architectural models, industrial components, miniatures, etc. Anything with intricate detailing. It features a USB port as an option to work offline, in case that’s more convenient.

High-quality detailing

SLA printing allows the user to feels what it’s like to print tiny models with outstanding detail.

Quiet printing

The new design allows this 3D printer to work noiselessly and without vibration. This feature is significant in open-space offices and any other professional environment.

Easy operation

Having a conveniently-sized LCD display means that the printing operations are only a click away at all times. After dealing with the filament, all that’s left to be done is just push a few buttons and wait for the model!

High printing speed

SLA technology uses UV light to cure the liquid resin without having to move a nozzle physically, this way ensuring high-speed printing and high-precision results.

Slicer software

The built-in self-developed slicing software is user-friendly and ensures high-accuracy prints no matter what.

Removable platform

The Anet N4 features a removable platform, so to extract the model with ease at a comfortable angle.



Build Volume: 120*65*138

Slicing software: Anet AlPrint

Frame: Aluminium alloy, plastic shell

Layer Thickness: 0.05 mm

Printing speed - 30 mm/h

Resin: General-purpose resin, bio based resin

LCD display: Color touch screen


Smooth product

Great printing quality

It’s all about the details

Very precise and detailed printing


Perfect for the dental industry, architectural designs, industrial products, prototypes and so on



Printing Size




Area Length120

Area Width65




Box Dimensions

img 230 235 380




Box Weight


8.2 kg

Kit includes


Print Platform x1


Resin Vat x1


USB Memory x1


250g Resin x1


Mask x1


Gloves 3 pair


Funnel x10


User Manual x1


Extra FEP film x1


Scraper x1


Power Adaptor x1


Power Cord x1


Extra M3x5

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Reviews (62) Write a Review


RYDER MCGUIREVerified Buyer2020/12/31

Since its inception, this is the second time I’m using this printer. I’ve never used another 3D printer, so I cannot make a comparison. Nonetheless, to good printer that is relatively easy to use.


FINN S.Verified Buyer2020/12/27

Before this one, I had another 3D printer, but this one is a good value for money.


WILLIAM W.Verified Buyer2020/12/20

I got the printer as a Christmas gift and I’m in love with it. Printing stuff with it is super exciting. Setting it up and running it was simple. It simply the best.


CURTIS MCCORMICKVerified Buyer2020/12/14

So far, the printer has worked just as promised. I’m delighted with the fact that it’s easy to setup and the quality of its prints is high. However, finding the right software for this specific model was a hustle. It’s compact, so it can fit anywhere, and it’s not too noisy. Although I bought it recently, I am pleased with my first 3D printer.


ROHAN G.Verified Buyer2020/11/12

This is my first 3D printer and I find it fantastic. Having never used another 3D printer before, I can say it was easy to set up and use. I had absolutely no idea what 3D printing was all about, but I found plenty of resources online. Once I had studied it enough, the modeling-printing process was straightforward.


PRESTON W.Verified Buyer2020/11/11

Until now, I have not encountered any problem with the printer. I have already printed one model smoothly. Setting it up was straightforward. I’ve had a good experience only that it’s a bit too noisy when it’s printing. Since its compact and not too heavy, it can fit anywhere.


MARCEL F.Verified Buyer2020/11/9

I have been considering buying a 3D printer for the past several years. After doing research online, I decided to get this one. Although I use CAD and 3D model software, I don’t have background in 3D printing. Therefore, I needed something simple for a start. It was for use in my hobby. When we received the purchase, my 3 little boys and I had it up and printing in less than 10 minutes. Just ensure you read the instructions to the letter. Thus far, I would highly recommend it with 5 stars.


ORSON LAMBVerified Buyer2020/11/9

Although the final print was not perfect, I blamed it on the user error. The printing process was really fun.


ADAM G.Verified Buyer2020/11/3

I like the fact that its prints are high quality, it’s easy to configure, pocket friendly, and simple to maintain.


YAHYA C.Verified Buyer2020/11/1

The preloaded patterns are not complicated. In my opinion, this is to give the user the right skills to use the printer.


MUHAMMED G.Verified Buyer2020/11/1

I am new to 3D printing and since I do it at school, it’s essential that I have my own printer for practice. I like this printer a lot including the slicing software. I also love the ease of setting it up—I had it printing within minutes of getting it out of the box. I would definitely recommend it to other beginners!


IDRIS B.Verified Buyer2020/10/29

Many thanks for quick response and reliable shipment of my printer.


JOSEPH C.Verified Buyer2020/10/26

Just opening the package will make you feel inspired--you can't understand this until you get your own. This is my first printer but I intend to add more in the near future. Thank you for this amazing printer.


SAMI L.Verified Buyer2020/10/14

I have used it for more than a year without any major issues save for understanding the material requirements regarding geometry and minor software issues. It is a superb and cost effective printer for beginners.


NICHOLAS R.Verified Buyer2020/10/10

So far, I have printed about a dozen prints of different sizes and complex issues without a problem. Its "out of the box and printing in minutes" feature works as promised. It's also easy to use and thus far, I have no complaints.


RALPHIE BUCHANANVerified Buyer2020/10/8

This printer is suitable for everyone from beginners to pro’s, easy and safe to use, and they offer an amazing learning experience. The support staff were very responsive and accommodating. We’re happy to recommend these printers.


PATRICK C.Verified Buyer2020/10/8

This is my first 3D printer. However, I have researched and used some before. It's easy to assemble and print right out of the box. The customer support is superb, and the prints are high quality. The software for both printing and slicing is easy to use


OLLY P.Verified Buyer2020/10/7

I was skeptical about the printer, especially considering the price. Nonetheless, it turned out to be better than expected, particularly regarding its ease of use and set up. I’m yet to learn a lot but purchasing it has escalated my zeal to learn 3D printing.I'd recommend it so long as you have the time to learn.


UMAR C.Verified Buyer2020/10/7

Configuring the printer, including leveling the table took less than 10 minutes. After installing the filament, I printed the die as it seemed to be the easiest. Overall my experience is good and im pleased.


HARLEY S.Verified Buyer2020/10/5

Thus far, my kids are in love with it. When my eldest son attended a summer workshop for drones and 3D printers, they used the same printer, so he knows how to use it already. It’s amazingly simple to use and import projects from thingiverse. The children have already printed two items and are currently working on the third.