Aiyong IUSE-IUM1 3D Printer

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IUSE-IUM1 is an incredible 3D printer perfect for students and kids. It suits perfectly for families and students because of its very high cost-performance ratio and simplicity in use. Moreover, both children at homes and students in the classrooms would really benefit from a TF card, that has many templates, to help them print whatever they want and need. This 3D printer can be used for both intellectual and creative development, as well as to develop spatial thinking. It is small, lightweight and easy to use. It can come as a DIY kit for those who want to learn about 3D printers, and already assembled and ready to print in just 2 minutes.

Operation Method

LCD screen and control button make this printer easy and convenient to use


Adjustable heatbed platform comes with a cushion, to insure smooth printing

Extruder Structure

IUSE-IUM1 has a removable nozzle assembly, which makes printing that much better and precise

Efficient work

Folding hook filament and cooling fan structure for the motherboard guarantees continuous and efficient performance of IUSE-IUM1



Printing size

Printing volume of max 110x110x120mm

OS systems

Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux OS




Layer resolution of 0.1mm-0.2mm


Printing speed of 300 mm/min


Compact size of 195X210X275mm


Smooth product

Great printing quality

It’s all about the details

Very good performance on details and small objects


Perfect for toys, parts, prototypes, accessories, educational models, etc



Printing Size




Area Length110

Area Width110




Box Dimensions

img 195 210 275




Box Weight



Kit includes




Power supply




Bottom plate


TF card


Card reader


Instruction book


Glue sticks

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LEON P.Verified Buyer2020/7/29

Truly, this printer is real game-changer. It is everything you need for professional-looking models with smooth glossy finish. A person who 3D-prints on a daily basis, I own 4 printers for this purpose. However, I prefer the this printer because it’s easy to use and offers breathtaking results.


RAYAAN YORKVerified Buyer2020/7/26

This was my first 3D printer and for the price that I've paid for this thing, it was quite good! It was prebuilt and didn't require any assembly whatsoever, small and compact, it's just sitting on my desktop for now. But I wish the printing volume was a bit bigger even though I realise that the printer would have to be bigger in that case. For such a compact printer though, the final models end up being really high detailed. But be aware that you have to apply the glue every time before printing something and remove it regularly, just so it doesn't accumulate on the printer.


NATHANAEL VANCEVerified Buyer2020/7/22

The Aiyong 3D printer is sooo small, I read that it would be compact compared to other printers on the market but I didn't expect it to be soo lightweight and tiny))) This thing is just sitting next to my daughter's computer. Not only that but it has a simplistic user interface. Very easy to operate, for its price it prints good stuff compared to the other products out there. We have the printer for weeks now and my daughter is at the stage where she is learning some software tricks or something like that so that she can print much more complex models.


KAREEM DALTONVerified Buyer2020/7/22

The setup process of the Aiyong was soo easy that my 10-year-old son could have done it on his own. He did participate in the whole process and we got to print our first model within an hour. At first, you might have some failed prints, as you need to set up your model just right. But it's so easy to learn to operate this thing, that in just a couple of days you'll be getting some veeery high-quality prints. You can use 3rd party filament easily, so you won't need to worry about filling up your stock from the same place every time. Definitely recommend to buy this, 10/10 and you can print very high quality prints up to .02 mm layer height which should be good enough for anyone.


HUNTER H.Verified Buyer2020/7/14

I am passionate about 3D printing a regardless of whether I’m using someone’s model or creating. It’s thrilling to create stuff! Previously, my models weren’t smooth, now with this printer everything is fine.


SZYMON M.Verified Buyer2020/7/9

After plenty of research online, I decided to buy this amazing printer.


PIOTR BLACKWELLVerified Buyer2020/7/3

This printer is very easy to use and operate throughout the whole printing process. So far, I only printed 6 things on this printer and all of them turned out looking real good. Even the software of this thing is pretty straightforward, you don't have to be into engineering or modelling to use this printer. Since this was my first 3D printer I did careful research before using it and I managed to get through any problem or uncertainty that might have come up. I've also found out that the glue stick method the manufacturer suggests works quite well, and any buildup can be removed with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. I am curious to see how long this thing will last, I'm very excited for now and have my fingers crossed.


REX W.Verified Buyer2020/7/3

Setting it up is really easy. I use printer a lot. I know how to operate and it did work as I wanted. Overall i am glad of my purchase.


CASPER O.Verified Buyer2020/7/1

This is the best printer I’ve purchased and having worked with it, I can confirm the quality of its prints is superb and the customer service impeccable. I am even considering buying a second printer from the same brand.


ADYAN JOHNSVerified Buyer2020/6/28

The printer turned out to be louder than I anticipated. It is sitting in my office and it's tough to concentrate on work whenever this thing is on.


EDWARD H.Verified Buyer2020/6/26

From the quality to the color ranges, the thing is just amazing. The results are impressive, and I have received heart-warming compliments.


ALFIE W.Verified Buyer2020/6/25

For a long time, I’ve wanted to make various things with this printer, and now I can actualize my dreams. I use it to make miscellaneous stuff. You need to try it out.


TATE MANNINGVerified Buyer2020/6/23

Great price for this printer.


MAXWELL T.Verified Buyer2020/6/22

I love this printer, I'm just sad that I can't print a girlfriend on this thing.


KAYDEN B.Verified Buyer2020/6/18

It took me an hour to build and set up this thing and I'm just a newbie. This thing is well worth the price.


SEAN M.Verified Buyer2020/6/17

Thus far, it has worked perfectly as it promised. Although 3D printers are quite expensive and complex in nature, working with this one is as easy as operating a coffee maker. All in all, it delivers more than expected considering it’s relatively less costly than other 3D printers. Its prints are high quality and durable.


RAFE C.Verified Buyer2020/6/16

For almost a year, I printed dozens of various creative items without a glitch, after which the filament jammed and broke down. We were aware that we couldn’t use the extruder to feed the filament. Whenever it tried to load the filament, we would hear a clicking sound. We contacted customer service and in no time, they emailed me instructions on how to open two screws to access the broken filament. In less than 5 minutes, were back to printing just as before. Besides being rugged, the printer prints even delicate models. I can’t wait for the next generation printer from the brand.


ELIAS C.Verified Buyer2020/6/15

I decided to venture into 3D printing just recently and I couldn’t be happier that I chose this brand. I think I chose the right model for beginners as it is easy to navigate and prints come out pretty good.


ORION RICHVerified Buyer2020/6/15

I got this printer a year back for my 10-year-old, he loved it so much that he has used it every week since sometimes printing 50+ hours a week. He even learned basic design and modelling to make adjustments on some of the models he finds online. Because of how easy it is to use this printer, at this point my son has become a pro! If you're not the type to patiently read through the instructions and understand how to operate everything that this printer offers, then blame only yourself. Our son has managed to create gifts for our entire family and extended family. This has been the most used gift we have ever given to any one of our children and the most satisfying one.


ALEXANDER R.Verified Buyer2020/6/8

Its ease of use, exceptional results and quality prints make the machine remarkable. My friends even thought that I made the items. I wouldn’t ask for more!


JUNIOR S.Verified Buyer2020/6/8

Honestly speaking, this is among the best hobby tools I’ve ever purchased. The filament is high-quality. Comparing quantity vs. cost. I love it.


IMRAN CONLEYVerified Buyer2020/6/5

I am new to 3D printing, so I thought this brand name would relieve potential problems. And it did.Thanks


MIGUEL AVILAVerified Buyer2020/6/1

My kids are being homeschooled and as a homeschooling mom, I'm always looking for something new for my kids to experiment and play around with. We are still at the learning stage and are already trying to build complex toys and whatnot, and I've noticed just how much potential this printer has. The best thing is that this printer is very compact and easy to use so that the kids can tinker around with it even when I'm not around. Making something does take up a lot of time, so always be patient, cause the end product is going to be worth it.


BROOKLYN WARNERVerified Buyer2020/5/31

At first, I doubted its capability but went ahead to try it after seeing some reviews online. That was my best decision. Now my prints are cleaner and professional-looking. They are also smooth and glossy. At one time, I was pressed for time due to a work backlog and it came in very handy. Couldn’t have been more impressed with the quality.


HAMISH BLAKEVerified Buyer2020/5/28

It’s easy to operate; you just need to push a few buttons and it starts working. Just that! I highly recommend this printer.


ALEX S.Verified Buyer2020/5/27

For the price, this is the best you can get in terms of quality and ease of use. In fact, it’s the best entry to mid-level printer. Highly recommended.


EZEKIEL QUINNVerified Buyer2020/5/26

It comes with a pretty cool software.


JOHN C.Verified Buyer2020/5/20

Generally, the device has offered satisfactory results. I will deliver an updated review in the coming months after more experience with the device. Though i am quite satisfied for now.


ABRAHAM CARSONVerified Buyer2020/5/18

Seeing it in operation is thrilling, almost making you feel like a genius. Most importantly, it does an amazing job. I’m super excited to have integrated it into my 3D printing tools


LAWRENCE POTTERVerified Buyer2020/5/7

Super fast shipping and a great price. Thank you


FREDDIE T.Verified Buyer2020/5/6

I’ve always been skeptical of using 3D printers. However, when I got this printer, I decided to try it out, and I’m glad I did. I’d recommend it