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Here at Dibbsto we care deeply about our customers. Our 24-hour highly professional customer support team is at your beck and call to assist with any queries or concerns you might have regarding your purchased item

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We offer free shipping around the UK. The product delivery period usually varies from 5-7 business days. We work only with the best delivery companies to provide you peace of mind and flawless shopping experience

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We provide a great shopping experience that extends beyond the purchase process. Our 2-year warranty ensures the stable operation of your purchase and in case of possible issues you needn’t worry about repair costs. Dibbsto got your back!

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Dibbsto adopted a 30 day guaranteed return policy for your utmost comfort with the purchase. You are practically taking the product on a test drive, to make sure it’s a good fit and you get high value for your money

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Dibbsto is a unique tech shop, and it shows in all aspects of our operation. We offer an unbelievable feature - price match guarantee. In case you find the same product in another shop for a lower price, we will match it!

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Here at Dibbsto customers are in the centre of all our activities. All the features that we offer guarantee a 100% satisfaction even for the most demanding consumers. Enjoy truly hassle-free shopping experience with Dibbsto!

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7 days ago

QA test review

very good product. i am satisfied with it.

Goongie Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer

9 days ago


Good quality

Tam Anycubic Photon 3D Printer

9 days ago


Good product and high recommendation for buying

Tam Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer

29 days ago

We had to get this printer for our 13-year-old son, and he’s over the moon with it. He has printed various stuff so far. Assembling the printer was quite straightforward, but it required time. YouTube helped a lot with guidance and troubleshooting. I can only thank you for this spectacular masterpiece.

Phoebe O'Sullivan Anycubic PhotonS 3D Printer

15 days ago

It took me an hour to assemble the printer and printed owls as a test. They are spectacular! Afterwards, I made a big clamp, and it was also fantastic. I love it, and the price is reasonable. I would recommend it!

Phoebe Horton Anycubic Chiron 3D Printer

19 days ago

Straightforward assembly. The instructions were relatively clear and logical. The only challenging part was connecting the cables – the labelling could be better. Everything was intact, and they included many surplus screws. When printing, it is easy to adjust. Ten minutes after assembling it, It was ready to print. I love it’s ease of use!

Eva Webster Anycubic Photon 3D Printer

3 days ago

Works perfectly. Assembling, it was straight forward. It was my very first 3D printing, but it was up and running in 2 hours—thanks to online videos. The quality of the print is fantastic. Many thanks for availing it for newbies at a competitive price!

Oscar Marshall Anet ET5 3D Printer

7 days ago

My dream printer that I ordered late last week just arrived. The print quality is superb and despite being my first 3D printer, I love it!

Victoria Gould Anycubic Chiron 3D Printer

16 days ago

The printer was well packaged, came in intact and fast, and does a great job. The company was very responsive. I’d recommend it to ho wishes to venture in 3D printing. It's very capable, affordable and easy to assemble.

Mason Ball Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer

26 days ago

Delivery was super fast, and I’m grateful for this. The package was exceptional and everything was intact.

Amy Willis Anet ET5 3D Printer

3 days ago

Incredible quality for the price! This is my 2nd 3D printer, and I'm delighted with its performance. It has several issues, but most of them are solvable. What attracted me is the high-quality prints and the low price. I ordered two, one for myself and the other for a friend, and we both love it!

Leon Bevan Anycubic PhotonS 3D Printer

7 days ago

I don’t have prior experience in 3D printing but I chose this one after some online research. How glad I am! It has performed so flawlessly that I just placed an order for the second one.

Kyle Summers Anycubic Photon 3D Printer

10 days ago

After getting the printer, hubby is now printing all day every day. He says that I ruined his life by getting him this printer as he cannot stop printing. I’d recommend it to newbies. It is upgradable!

Phoebe Potts Anycubic PhotonS 3D Printer

19 days ago

Delivery was quick, and the customer service were helpful and polite. I am totally delighted and will but another unit. Many thanks!

Isobel Dodd Anycubic Chiron 3D Printer

22 days ago

We’re amateurs in 3D printing, but thus far, the printer has seen us through countless hours of fun. My son has printed various online widgets using the printer. I hope he starts designing his own soon!

Holly F Anycubic Photon 3D Printer



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Which is the Right 3D Printer for You

Which is the Right 3D Printer for You

Are you looking for the right 3D printer for you? Whether you need it for personal, educational or business use, 3D printers have come in as lifesavers.

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3D printed toys from your child’s imagination

3D printed toys from your child’s imagination

Child’s imagination is endless, limitless, so creative that most adults would dream about such a wonder. Kids come up with the craziest ideas for games.

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3D Printing - A Comprehensive Guide To The Rise of 3D Prototyping

3D Printing - A Comprehensive Guide To The Rise of 3D Prototyping

3D Printing used to be something of a craze, a short-lived infatuation that was never predicted to become dependency on reality.

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The Birth of 3D Printing at Dibbsto
Dibbsto’s Values and Objectives
Why Are Dibbsto 3D Printers Different?
What Should You Expect from Dibbsto?

3D Printing is a brand new revolutionary technology which has been dubbed the next big thing. It is a growing innovation and is rapidly proving to be a very exciting and efficient form of technology that produces three-dimensional models and prototypes of virtually any shape and size from 3D CAD files using raw materials such as different types of plastic, wood, metals, ceramic and so on. 3D printers have found a wide use in modern manufacturing industries, like automotive, dental, aerospace, etc, in the education institutions as a tool to combine theory and practice in classrooms, test theories and build models, and last but not least at homes, combining learning, creativity and fun for the whole family. All those vary in size, shape, materials, and methods used and of course price. For example, 3D printers for home use are on average more safe, quiet in operation and compact, basically a budget 3D printer. On the other hand, professional manufacturing industrial grid 3D printers are bigger, more sophisticated and of course are on the upper price range.

So what is 3D printing and how did this amazing technology start? The birth of 3D printing technology was released a decade ago, as a process known as stereolithography. Its components operate simultaneously using a layering technique where an object is constructed in sequence layers until it’s complete. The beauty of 3D printing is that it performs admirably with even the most complex shapes and parts, many of which cannot be produced using conventional printing methods. The creation of 3D printed objects is performed with the additive manufacturing, a manufacturing process that constructs materials through successive material layers sliced piece by piece and built from the bottom-up to form the desired object.

Additive manufacturing offers significant printing benefits to conventional processes. For one, there are fewer steps between the CAD model and production promoting better efficiency, the manufacturing process is developed at a rapid speed for even the most complex shapes and sizes and materials are less prone to go to waste, all at a cheaper cost. With 3D printing, there is no room for getting production wrong, but even the best 3D printers UK has to offer to allow you to reconstruct damaged sections of existing materials. 3D printing continues to develop a more streamlined, efficient production processing which allows for the best printouts without effort. The extensive range of the best 3D printers Dibbsto has available, deliver outstanding and innovative high-quality printing performance.

Most 3D printers that you can find on Dibbsto are affordable with efficient characteristics that can develop excellent designs from the simplest to the most complex material structures, with impeccable design using different kinds of printing processes to provide an exquisite printing experience.

When it comes to 3D printers, you can’t afford to get it wrong. This is exactly why we are here to help. We bring you a wide collection of printers that have been carefully selected and fully tested by our team of technophiles who have scoured the globe looking for the latest innovations. Our reliable and multi-functional machines are engineered to be highly cost-effective, with the aim of making 3D printing technology accessible to you. What is it we have in store for you? The very best 3D printers for sale in 2018.

Over the past decade, 3D printing has developed greatly and it is now possible to get a 3D printer which is capable of producing great quality printouts without much of a struggle. Each 3D printer that we offer you has its own unique characteristics that best match your needs. Our extensive range of printers have been carefully selected based on a number of important factors including their ability to produce very high-quality 3D printing, their easy to use interfaces, clever design and complete versatility. For all our 3D printers, the outstanding print quality they achieve is, in part, due to their design. We’ve tested all our printers and they have demonstrated stability, endurance and vibration-resistant performance during 3D printing.

The E180 printer, for example, is one of the best 3D printers on sale. It is a reliable, compact, multi-functional printer, cleverly engineered to offer cost-effective 3D printing for home and professional use. This particular 3D printer has additional capabilities, including the facility to pause printing for filament changes and maintenance. This same feature also enables the printer to remember and resume 3D printing after a power outage.

Great quality at great prices

All the 3D printing machines that we have available offer high-quality, cost-effective printing with a great range of features and functions. Our budget 3D printers, as well, are ideal for 3D printing beginners. Equipped with LCD touchscreens with simple control interfaces and the ability to print offline from USB and SD storage. Our larger 3D printers offer additional printing features which offer greater versatility, including dual extruders for two colour printing, temperature protection and quieter operation. Wi-Fi connectivity is also a feature of the 3D printers we sell, which is ideal for the modern home or office environment. In addition, customers are able to enjoy the convenience of a cloud-based 3D printing solution through access to the EasyPrint 3D App.

Customer satisfaction is a priority

At Dibbsto, we are always keen to ensure that all our tech is safe to use for our customers. As the clear instructions and simple assembly methods that come with our 3D printing kits, machines such as the E180, are designed so that the hot operational areas of the machine are completely protected to avoid the risk of burns. This particular design features make the E180 a great machine for a busy family home.  The PLA filaments used for printing are environmentally friendly, nontoxic and rich in colour, making them ideal for any environment.

Fast, quiet 3d printing

A good 3D printing machine should be an effective tool for producing low volumes of items and for prototyping – especially for business users. All our 3D machines, including our mini 3D printers are capable of producing excellent quality additive manufactured items, and whilst they are available in the UK as 3D printer kits for customers to put together at home, some of our higher specification machines, including metal 3D printers, can also be delivered assembled. The higher specification printers we offer include useful additional features such as highly accurate slicing functions, one-touch 3D printing, unique belt designs, double optical axis and three arm structures providing fast 3D printing speeds and other carefully integrated design features which would usually be expected on much more expensive 3D printers.

Once your printer is up and running, versatility will be essential to keep your creative 3D printing flowing. With dual axis printing, temperature and additive controls, together with robust cantilevered designs ensures that each of our machines offer maximum space for printing and minimum space for storage and use. The design of each printer also makes it easy to enjoy an unobstructed view of the 3D printing process, and all our printers are easy to clean and maintain. In terms of the quality of the 3D printing output, all our machines have been tested to ensure that they deliver a smooth surface finish, sleek contour lines, clear angles and strong structures for the final printout.

We’re here to help

Choosing the best home 3D printer to buy will depend on a number of factors, and it is important to know what sort of applications it will be used for. That’s why our technical support team are available 24 hours a day, ready to help you choose the most suitable machine for your requirements.

At Dibbsto we know that price will be important for our customers, so even our cheapest UK 3D printer offers some great features not usually available on lower priced machines. All our printer kits come complete with quick assembly instructions, and access to our technical helpline, whilst some of our machines are also available assembled. These printers are delivered in specially designed protective boxes to ensure that there is no risk of damage during shipping to your home or work address.

We are delighted to be able to offer a great range of 3D printers for sale in the UK, with free and fast delivery, support 24 hours a day 7 days a week, provided by an experienced tech team. With our already outstanding range of products can easily meet the needs of commercial and home users.

The 3D printers for sale at Dibbsto are presented with the following objectives in mind:

Efficient Production at Lower Prices

The speed of production compared to traditional methods is second to none. Our 3D printers deliver complex models in a relatively short time with its diverse range of features and functions. They are not designed just for the complex, advanced individuals, but are rather simple in use. We strive to cater to your needs and intricately deliver that model you’re looking for with the use of the simplest to most complex materials. Customers are also able to experience the convenience of cloud-based 3D printers, as many of the models sold through our website support that function. The efficiency of production also lowers inventory costs and therefore reduces labor time. Some of our best 3d printers have the Wi-Fi connectivity feature, ideal for the modern office or within a home environment as the best home 3d printer.

Less Material Wastage and Sustainable Results

The reduction of waste is a key feature in today’s efficient 3D processing. 3D printing only uses materials that are necessary when layers are sequentially added one after the other which secures less wastage of raw materials. Besides, its efficiency ensures the re-production of recycled and reused materials. There has been a growing demand for the recycled filament to ensure the sustainability of our best 3D UK printers. Significant wastage is only formed from failed prints or discarded support structures. Our best 3D printers are prolific in ensuring the efficiency waste reduction – materials are reusable, thus perfect models are produced with less harm to the environment. We also offer a range of sophisticated 3D printers that have a filament sensor, warning you if the filament is finished or broken and stops the printing to ensure quality and less waste. We also have models have a resume function, which means that if you have a power outage or accidental power cut off, the printer will resume printing from the last moment, thus providing a high success rate of your printing experience.

Mass Model Customisation

A key benefit of 3D printing is to reduce the need for expensive, dedicated tools and be specific to the materials and tools necessary for the design model needs. Our 3D printers are built for significant waste reduction, yet to use cost-effective printing components to precisely meet the requirements you are looking for. Dibbsto makes sure you get the best 3D printing quality without raiding your wallet too much. Expensive does not always equal high quality – our 3D printers rely on rapid and efficient development at lower costs. Mass customization of 3D printers for sale deliver the following elements: efficiently capture consumer data, the transformation of data into design and produce marketable cost rates. Once your requirements conclude that customisation is worth it, determine the information required for your model (dimensions, color, text, features, etc). Establish the transformation of the data and estimate the cost for the project.

Customer Needs Matter Most

Dibbsto always ensures that all of our technology is customer-friendly and safe. To ensure the highest level of safety and quality that we deliver, our highly-trained team tests all the 3D printers sold through our website. We only work with companies and brands that we trust and that passed through our in house tryouts and test and are Dibbsto-approved. Another important factor is that all of our 3D printing kits are delivered with clear instruction manuals and assembly methods with your safety in mind. Being able to efficiently develop the perfect model for our customers is our objective. We want to deliver a unique user experience and our 3D printer kit for all of our models is designed with one “fit for all” solution. And this is why Dibbsto stays ahead of the competition.

At Dibbsto, our products not only deliver efficiency but are also affordable, making your purchase worth the cost with guaranteed top-quality results. We, as a business, ensure that all of our products are regularly improved and enhanced. At Dibbsto, our competitive advantage stems from making it possible to develop the perfect prototype model every single time.

Our 3D printers offer high-quality, budget printing that is developed with unique features and functions that deliver exceptional versatility with simple usability and control. Our wide range of affordable DIY 3D printers are easy to assemble, deliver efficient results and are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure exceptional printing results every time. Some of our printers come with built-in crystal-clear printing resolution for consistent quality, dual-axis printing, temperature, and additive controls to deliver sleek contour lines, clear angles and strong structures. We have smart models, that connect to WiFi and have apps, by which they can be controlled, have filament detectors, auto-leveling, sophisticated heatbed and nozzle technology, air filtration, etc.

At Dibbsto, we thrive on innovation. The advantages of 3D printers make for promising technology that create a brand-new efficient way to print high-quality models compared to traditional methods. We also put a high value on ensuring that we meet this every time we enhance or develop a 3D printer. There are several factors that you, the customer, will look out for and it is our prerogative to ensure that your product requirements are met. Even after your purchase from our wide range of 3D printers, we pride ourselves in delivering personal support post-purchase. Dibbsto wants your experience with us to be unforgettable. Whether you have a question, some advice or need help with a dysfunctional product, we are always quick and happy to help.

Here are other services we offer:

  • Exceptional on-time delivery whenever you need your product
  • Self-development of products to maintain efficiency and innovation
  • High-quality 24/7 customer support and experience
  • Money back guarantee
  • Affordable and innovative 3D printing products.

Dibbsto makes sure that our customers get good value for money. This means efficient performance with high-quality results, all at a reasonable and affordable cost. We never compromise on quality, but rather price to ensure that you get the best out of your chosen 3D printer product. Our expertise in the 3D printing market has allowed delivering accessible and affordable products that may operate differently, but all produce the same results. Customers usually look for specific characteristics, like performance, low price, and creativity.

On Dibbsto you can find some of the most affordable and yet productive 3D printers. Some of them are so simple that are ideal to use for beginners and advanced users alike. They support multiple filaments like ABS, PLA, PVA and much more. There is even a nylon 3D printer. We have some work of art 3D printer kits engineered to be reliable and deliver quality and high performance. Dibbsto can accommodate even the most creative minds, offering 3D printers that deliver excellent results, support variety of filament, have innovative and responsive UI to control print settings. We even offer models that have an auto-leveling function, which enhances the printing experience by ensuring a smooth output and an immaculate result.

All of our products are highly reliable and have high-performance records. There are 3D printers that are equipped with built-in settings to manage your printouts. Now you can modify the design of your model in the printout, plus the printer has the quietest operation.

At Dibbsto, we are here to help, whatever your needs may be. We have a ready and willing technical support team, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With an outstanding team and an outstanding range of the best 3D printers in the UK, they will easily meet your commercial and creative needs.

Here at Dibbsto, we understand that cost is a significant factor, which is why the costs are set with your affordability needs in mind. All of our 3D printer kits are complete with assembly instructions, whilst some 3D printers can be bought already assembled. Our 3D printers are developed with various solid materials including 3D printer plastic, acrylic, and coated glass. We package our 3D printers with protective boxes to ensure there are no damages upon delivery.

We have built a reputation to be reliable and successful with our products. Dibbsto is ready to serve you with our exceptional 3D printer product range.

There you have it, all the reasons why Dibbsto is your choice when it comes to quality 3D printers and pre and post-purchase customer service. Make sure you check out the wide range of the products offered on our website and surely you will not be disappointed.

Happy 3D printer hunting!


Our Vision

The idea behind Dibbsto was to create something unique and futuristic for fellow tech enthusiasts like me. And what’s more so than a tech shop that sells all kinds of cool gadgets for those who like technology and want to make their life more fun?